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  • Added by: phoebekaka @ 14 Dec 2010 09:05
    I love Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume
    I love Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume When I knew that the famous Masashi Kishimoto have created the new manga named Naruto, I can not wait to watch. It was an in credible manga and I was impressed by the role Uzumaki Naruto. I believe he will be a fervent believer in the Will of Fire. I love him.In order to protect the village, the fourth Hokage put a nine tailed demon fox inside Uzumaki Naruto's body using the forbidden technique. At that time, he was just a 4 months baby. So he was born different from others. 2010 Naruto Shippuden Episode 191 Shippuuden Online  Free Naruto Shippuuden Movies.I like doing and I have done from Naruto cosplayers: Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi…Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay CostumeNaruto Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay CostumeNaruto Kakashi Hatake Cosplay CostumesHe was not welcomed by other children or people in the same village, because he is a monster in their eyes. He was alone, unrecognized and despised by everyone, he hope to get attention from all people and make friends with them. In order to get the attention from them, he was a troublemaker, unpredictable and noisy kid at the beginning. But he has his unique way to view life and will change the hearts of anyone around him by talking to them, showing a unique tenacity or fighting with all his might, and never gave in. Even after graduating from school, he not only want to be recognized but also desire to protect his home and the people close to him. What attract me most i ...

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